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Our mission is to use art as a way to help manifest the world we want to live in. We want to start an art school here in Brooklyn, where we teach kids how to use meditation to access their imagination and creativity to express themselves through art. To teach them new skills and empower them to be the visionaries of their own future. We envision creating a walking tour of the art work we create, each piece will contain a Peace Portal that leads onto the next painting. Opening up to the world we want to create together. 


This is a global, collaborative project, where we invite you to open up your own Peace Portal. That’s the place you go to when you’re at peace. Maybe it’s a place you visit during meditation. Perhaps its a mountain top overlooking a valley, or it’s a large tree overlooking the sea! We want to know what your peace portal is, you can share it by sending us a drawing of it, tell us a story about it, share a photo of it… #portalproject and see if it shows up in the paintings.  

We hope you enjoy the journey, see you on the other side…